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Have you heard of Cascabel? It is a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine, featuring unique shared plates and specially crafted cocktails to suit your taste. Let’s say you hunger for good Mexican food and cocktails that will ignite fire in your belly, quit wondering where is the best place to go, Cascabel is the place. Located in San Rafael, Cascabel Tequila longue is owned by Maher and Tareq Fakhouri who also owns the adjoining restaurant Crepevine. A walk inside will convince you that this is not just a tequila lounge, the place is a narrow room decorated with various artworks and arrayed with upholstered chairs and couches in compact groups. Lighting is provided by lamps with fabric shades on top of thick wood tables and bold red chili-shaped glass pendant lights hanging from above. Four large flat-screen TVs are placed in the angles to give every seat in the house a view, and while you may decide to ignore, it is right to say this is best place for a lover of sports to enjoy your exquisite Mexican food and at the same time enjoy a game.  

  Although it shares kitchen with Crepevine, it has its own separate menu of traditional Mexican dishes and specialities which are created by in-house chef, Cesar Vasques who is willing to help you create your dish according to your personal taste, so whether you want a slight peppery tingle in your mouth or you want a fire burning sparking in your oral cavities, just tell him and he is willing, able and ready for you.
  Dishes on its menu include:
Conchinita Piblil which is a braised pork dish with achiote paste and habanero peppers flavored with orange, cumin, cloves and garlic. For $18, you could have this special and uncommon dish that will make your taste buds tingle with sensation. Chicken Tinga Enchiladas with Mole Poblano: Cascabel’s uses corn tortillas filled with moist chipotle-spiced chicken, then covered it witg sweet-savory mole sauce, crema and onions. It can accompany cilantro rice and beans and goes for $13 on the menu.

  Cascabel Fries: These are fries mixed with jalapeno jelly, queso fresca, and cilantro and cost just $6.

  The Cancun salad: This goes for $12.50 and could be categorized as an heavy meal, It comprises of an extra-large soft tortilla overlaid with romaine lettuce and a mixture of black beans, corn, red onion and bell peppers, and covered with warm, tender grilled chicken strips. It is definitely the meal you will look forward to tasting again.

  Barbacoa Pancakes: Cascabel uses a low-temp sous vide technique to slow cook meats overnight, then a pan fry to caramelize and crisp. In the case of barbacoa, the sweet shredded beef is butter-soft, but propped up with an intense mole sauce that commands respect and for just $10, you can have taste of heaven on earth. Other specialties on its menu include the Arroz con Leche, Cocoyoc Salad, Tamarindo Cocktail, Chimichangas and many many more delicacies. To tell the truth, you have to go there to know it all.
Service is casual and friendly and at Cascabel, the staff are always eager to meet your needs. The owners too are usually on ground to interact with you and seek your opinions on how they can give you the best experience possible. Thus, you will not only get your taste for the exotic satisfied at an affordable price, you also get to put your personal touch on the service towards its improvement.