The Best California Van Rental for your Traveling Needs

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Lax Van Rental means more space for your traveling needs. With Lax Van Rentals in California, traveling together becomes easy and comfortable.  If you love traveling in large groups or have excessive baggage, considering 15 passenger vans is a fair deal. Hiring 15 passenger vans ensure plenty of leg space for everyone and enough room for everyone’s baggage. Whether riding with your friends or going camping with the family, California Van Rentals provides all kinds of transportation tasks. Benefits of Using a 15-passenger van   For those who are wondering whether to rent a van or not, will it be better than renting a bus? Traveling in a group with 12 plus people, the best option would be to keep everyone together. A van ensures sufficient space for passengers to spread out. Wondering whether a big van rental is right for you? If you plan to have more than 12 people in your group, it’s your best option to keep everyone together. A 15-passenger van gives everyone space to spread out. Touring around as a group becomes easier while traveling in a large van:
  • Perfect for road trips when traveling with kids
  • Provides enough space to keep the group/passengers together
  • Comfortable seating and interiors
  • Cargo space for excess baggage
  • Economical
Supports all form of payment methods Renters can pay in cash, via plastic cards, or travel checks. Lax Van Rentals supports all forms of payment methods. Also, with Lax Van and car rentals, you can drive the rented vehicle to neighboring states of Arizona and Nevada.   Van Rental in Los Angeles Van Rentals in Los Angeles Van for Rent in la Vans for rent in la Van rentals in orange county Van rental in orange county Van for rent in Orange County

Introducing United Auto Rental CleanCare Plus

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Believe it or not, auto rentals are growing popular by the day and for all the right causes. What distinguishes auto rentals from its contemporaries is that the former is characterized by the virtues of comfort, convenience, and most importantly, credibility. You can select a car based on your likes and preferences and roll in it across the town for however long you want, be it for business or pleasure.   Auto Rental, Newport Beach, CA has been in the business since 1966 and is one of the most sought-after auto rentals in Orange County and Ontario CA. Taking into account such long years of experience, it can be affirmed that the company would let nothing come in between their commitment to serve the patrons in the best way possible. In the light of the recent events, that is, the uncontrollable spread of the coronavirus, the label is introducing United Auto Rental CleanCare Plus. It is a service that is essentially dedicated to ensuring that the vehicles that the customers are given to drive are clean and ticks off all the boxes of thorough sanitization. According to reports, the steering wheels of our cars and our mobile phones are two of the dirtiest objects that we have in our possession. About 20,000 different varieties of germs thrive on the surfaces of these items and during a time when proper cleanliness is being regarded as undisputed imperative, this fact cannot be ignored.     Apart from directing the drivers who will be conducting the free shuttle services for John Wayne airport rental car to wear masks and other forms of shield while transporting you, there is another side to this picture as well. Because there will not be a driver assigned by United Auto Rental when the car is handed out, a part of the responsibility of keeping it clean and making sure that it safe for others to drive, will lie with the patrons. The chief objective of the rental company is to value their customers and respect their time. By the time they will provide the keys to you, the vehicle will be waiting right outside your door. Choose from a large selection of cars, SUVs, vans, convertibles and sports cars and trucks and once you have all your things at a place, you will be furnished with a complete line of liability, collision and personal packages for your security and peace of mind!