Top Family-Friendly LAX Rental Cars

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LAX Van Rental is the most distinguished rental service offering high-quality travel facilities to the residents of Los Angeles. We have a huge fleet of well-maintained, luxurious cars, ranging from 5 Passenger Toyota Corolla to 15 Passenger Midroof. If you’re tired from your daily hectic routine and want to spend some quality time with friends or your kids, then all you need is to contact Lax Van Rental and go out on a road trip. Our service provides exceptional cars suitable for every passenger, no matter where you want to go in Los Angeles.

5-Passenger Car Fleet

If you are a family of 5 and want a luxurious car to explore places of the city that you haven’t experienced yet, then book our top-class 5 Passenger Toyota Corolla or luxurious 5 Pass SUV. These 2 cars are the most common choice for small families who want to run away from hustle and bustle of the city and embrace the beauty of nature-filled areas. What’s best about these vehicles is they offer a perfect blend of convenience and maneuverability to race through mountains as comfortably as they cruise the sleek roads of Los Angeles

7-Passenger Mini-Van Fleet

If you are a family of 6-7 members and want to make lasting memories with them for the coming weekend, then we still got you covered. We offer a well-maintained fleet of 7 Passenger Minivan and 8-Seater Passenger van. Apart from being spacious and highly comfortable throughout the journey, these vehicles have an irresistible rugged-yet-refined appeal. These value vans offer specific space for your luggage and additional legroom. Book them for a week to get special discounts and be ready to reconnect with the universe.

Lax Van Transit 15 Passenger Van

Our service provides state-of-the-art passenger van models that can accommodate as many as 15 passengers and their luggage. These pristine vans contain all the power options including power windows, mirrors, and locks, full AC, tinted glass, top-quality music system, and more., For a large family or group of 12-15 friends, these luxury vans are the most recommended option to explore places that bring a lifetime of good memories with your friends or family. Since these vans are always well-maintained, they get better mileage and save you a lot. So, what are you waiting for! We are just a call away to deliver you a high-quality car, the one that suits your needs.

The Best California Van Rental for your Traveling Needs

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Lax Van Rental means more space for your traveling needs. With Lax Van Rentals in California, traveling together becomes easy and comfortable.  If you love traveling in large groups or have excessive baggage, considering 15 passenger vans is a fair deal. Hiring 15 passenger vans ensure plenty of leg space for everyone and enough room for everyone’s baggage. Whether riding with your friends or going camping with the family, California Van Rentals provides all kinds of transportation tasks. Benefits of Using a 15-passenger van   For those who are wondering whether to rent a van or not, will it be better than renting a bus? Traveling in a group with 12 plus people, the best option would be to keep everyone together. A van ensures sufficient space for passengers to spread out. Wondering whether a big van rental is right for you? If you plan to have more than 12 people in your group, it’s your best option to keep everyone together. A 15-passenger van gives everyone space to spread out. Touring around as a group becomes easier while traveling in a large van:
  • Perfect for road trips when traveling with kids
  • Provides enough space to keep the group/passengers together
  • Comfortable seating and interiors
  • Cargo space for excess baggage
  • Economical
Supports all form of payment methods Renters can pay in cash, via plastic cards, or travel checks. Lax Van Rentals supports all forms of payment methods. Also, with Lax Van and car rentals, you can drive the rented vehicle to neighboring states of Arizona and Nevada.   Van Rental in Los Angeles Van Rentals in Los Angeles Van for Rent in la Vans for rent in la Van rentals in orange county Van rental in orange county Van for rent in Orange County

Why Should I Choose The Airport Car Service in Los Angeles?

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After arriving at the airport in a city new to you, looking for a taxi, or 15 passengers van should be the last thing you want to do. A trip by the plane itself was exhausting and then looking for a taxi driver where the rate can go up can be a daunting task. People are now choosing the Airport Car Service to avoid all these problems. At least this guarantees you will truly have a car to pick you up as soon as your flight lands at the airport. This reduces the stress and exhaustion that would have resulted in finding a taxi in the airport terminal.   Why not opt for an airport car service to avoid the inconvenience of the public taxi? If you rent an airport car service, you will be exempted from all kinds of risks in the airport, the risk with an inexperienced taxi driver etc. People think that car service at the airport can be expensive, but the total cost remains the same.   In addition, if using the airport car service to take you to the airport avoids all the problems that may result from the use of the taxi and LAX VAN service. It will surely save you from all the unnecessary stress. When you book at the airport services, you never have to worry about anything. Your car is ready and waiting to be taken to or from the airport.   And again, cars with the airport car services are well maintained, so you don’t have to worry about car breakdown while on the way to or from the airport. Above all, you can enjoy a comfortable trip to or from the airport. The airport car service can be very helpful.   Is The Airport Car Service Right For Your Budget? When choosing the airport car service, many people believe that the charges are a bit higher, but this is not the case. The airport car service fee is almost the same as that of any other car rental. Even if it is a bit higher than the taxi fare, you can opt for the airport to avoid unnecessary stress. If you decide to rent, you never have to worry about waiting for a taxi. The advance booking of the airport transfer service saves you time and will never wear you out.